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released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


AUTHORS Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Among The Dead Oak
My body's drawn to the treeline. The leaves shield me from the moon's cold gaze. Ashen figures guide me along. Somber spirits in an endless maze.

I'm free: Free to roam the woods. I'm bound here by my unspoken thoughts.

No tomb-

There will be no gravestone, let the leaves bury my lifeless body. I diverge into this silent forest, where each tree is a sarcophagus. In a past life, a chasm had opened up inside of me, and left all happiness with futile dreams. I now find refuge in the tranquil silver light reflecting off the pale trees. I walk with solemn ghosts, and they reach out to hold my hand.

I thought if I could walk among the dead oak, I would finally be at peace. But finding solace isn't easy when I can see the specters beyond the pale trees.

I've tried so hard to flee my silhouette.
I'm caught forever in fear and regret.

Hear the wind, I'm caving in.

I can
see bony fingers stretch out,
overhead through the gaps I can see the unfamiliar,
burning sky matching my mind blow by blow
the sadness keeps me here but bound by remorse.
I've gathered up too much shame and now I can't quit reality.
My mind begins to sever the ties.

My bones crumble beneath the weight of a thousand guilts.
Oh God, I'm bleeding out under the wreckage. Get help.

I thought I would walk these woods for days. I lost the beat of my dead heart in Dead Oak. I don't know how it got this way.
Track Name: The Harrow Weald
Here the dead shall never leave.

Ghosts swarm the land; I stand before a horde of tortured souls, what a dark and brooding atmosphere, and I hear dismal ghosts murmur incantations while the ancients peer back at this wanderer.

I detect artifice in their motives, but their humming is so soothing, they fade in and out of focus.
Their teeth remind me of death, rotting, decomposing; waiting to devour my flesh.
I’m drawn to the most obscene places, led into a swamp, guided by their unseen faces.
I’ve let mistakes claim my identity, there’s an altar dedicated to my lifelong iniquities.

The trees here have grown wise, and in a different age they would be kind.
Disease has claimed the lives of so many I can see -
Outlined against the sky, they waste and wither, pulling like veins, they draw me in to redeem me.
Lost in all that I could be, or ever was before the hands of the weald wielded me to the last day.

I thirst to drink up the secrets of the shadows, spew it up for the taste, I’ve been strung up by the gallows. Hundreds of animal corpses hanging, swinging in the breeze; I wanted to turn back, but there’s something here keeping me.

The sky seeps and bleeds black rain
Dim light peers through and wills the moon to reign.
Divide up the burl and the bone.
Describe this harrowed hell I call home.

Do they mock me as I walk by? Is black ink seeping from the crows dark eyes?
I see a horrifying image projected in the mist, but I’m pressing on; they’re guiding me - I could never resist.

I can’t resist.

I lie ill and supine; staring up into the gentle auroras lighting the night sky.
Imagine that I’m thrown to the void; cast into the blank canvas leaving my essence destroyed.
Track Name: The Augur's Clock
I'm running out of places to hide. I hear the whispers of the spirits in the back of my mind. I've gone a year without sleep. I don't want to wake up just to find them hovering over me.

Blood on my fingers and wrists, and I've just sewn up my lips - binding me to these cold silences. And how much of me is left? Are they controlling my steps - guiding me to the place I will rest?

Black root and black vein, pulsing my life away.

Seven ply the void, twilight holds dusk, eternity.
Invoke the ancients' voice, slake every thirst, eternally.

Crack and pry, ink leaks from my eyes.

They're probing at my failing mind. I see the leaves crumble, wither, rot - allude to demise. Starving for my nourishing body, they hover above; circling, waiting to consume me.

Carrion spirits, they're picking my mind clean. They're always hungry and they feed on my memories. And I'm carrying curses, and all the weight of my longing - they ease the burdens that are constantly crushing me.

This hearth of sorrow has become my refuge, ancients paint beautiful illustrations of recluse. I'm longing for a drink, from the cup of greed. Bones are piled in a totem right in front of me.

Exegesis, of everything I've held within.
My nemesis; I feel them crawling in my skin.

Crack and pry, the ink spills from my eyes.

Give in to midnight, come lose your way. Your mind will be hollowed out, your skull thrown away
Surrender your will to us and we’ll make you free. We know what just you crave, we’ll give you the key.

The Augur's Clock ticks with each reverberation of wings. Seven shadows, within, without, covering, descending into me.

This is what I wanted all this time; they siphon out the images that were burned in and plaguing my mind. The ones that I project into the sky. My holy liberation; my self-righteous degradation.

I can’t escape the faces that taunt and torture me, bubbling up and forming open wounds like mouths; in a slack jawed grin.
Speaking tongues, my tongue can’t even form a sentence, I’m slipping and stumbling deeper as they sacrifice my consciousness.

Give in. Come lose your way. Surrender your will.

Black crows peck at my innards; I've given in, I’m not perceiving reality.
Face down, deep in the marsh, I’m left vacant and absent of memories.
Terrified of my reflection, I gouge out both my eyes.
Even my own phantom has rejected me this time.
Track Name: Bone Poetry
The only sky I've known, hemmed in by leaf and bone. The ground beneath me moans - all alone.

Stitching my eyes shut, pulling out my tongue, stripping away my senses, slowly, one by one. Severing my limbs, sludge oozes from my lungs. They’re muttering invocations in their native tongue.

My eye is resting under the crucible of natures wrath; I witness transformations of the wretched. I’m seeing double because the shutter has been pulled away; no longer am I blinded by my vision.

So this is what it’s like to bleed from life when the elements have called your name again. I am a totem to my sins.

I can hear drums pounding and the cold echoes herald my unbecoming. I am nothing. I see eternity slipping away from me, now.
Its all so clear to me. Augury.

Break and hack me into infinity.

They're drinking from my lifeblood, my vitals spill out from my veins looking like a flood. They surface from the ground, they’re all around, and now I’m bound. Fighting the sound of the blood coming out and I'll be found dead in this bed; overhead the sky is bleeding red while my soul's been ripped in shreds. I've been misled and it's been said, the forest claims the dead so in this grave I lay my head.

Where is the exit from this incubus? With the drumming growing louder, the agony is limitless. I lay my head on carcasses, they crack my ribs and carve my skin.
Until, they will, desert, dispose, expel.

My world has gone black, sequestered silence numbs my ears. I cannot go back. One thousand guilts, one thousand fears.

Slip your hand, and my soul will wreck and rend.
Born of the dust, and to the dust I’ll return again.
I am cain, the son of adam made to be
Carve my chest, and the dead shall never leave.

My breath leaves my body and I go with it. For a moment I am suspended in stillness, sepia surroundings ebbing over my consciousness. Desire still sinks its teeth into me, this time for what I lost as opposed to what I had come to seek. I don’t recall anymore, why i first stepped foot into the harrow weald that would undo me. I begin to bathe in pale energy, and across my astral vision I see one thousand entities, breathing the same breath and living the same death as me. Everything dissolves, the blackness absolves me and I reappear, leary, before a steer, a mighty white elk with the sun and moon in each of his horns. I stare into his nebulous eyes with my new sight and I understand my plight for the first time. With a flick of his mighty neck, my mind returns to my soul, and the ache for my body hits me with the force of a thousand winds.
Track Name: We Are The Wanderer
The shadows no longer seek me. I drift endlessly, and I breathe in energy.

I don’t remember what it’s like to feel fear, but I always will be longing. I died a thousand times that day, so that I can be truly be something.

I wander restlessly, I see the travelers follow the same journey. They all come to seek a better way, they all die, are swallowed up and never leave. I am a testament to the curse that soaks in the ground. My body pollutes the soil, bringing these bitter giants down.

Join as one, your time has come and
Gone away, this place has rearranged.

Seasons change, but how many times have I endured the winter?
Everything’s so quiet, my head has cleared; I no longer feel the whispers.
And I can see it all, but that doesn’t make it easier for me,
Now I’m trying to ply the strands of fate to find my way back to my body

Countless others, lost in the sea of green, fractured one into three. I don’t see the world that they see. I see colors and shifting infinity.

New life emerges and recedes, like clockwork, every time.

I scour the spectral plane looking for secret that’s gonna me life again. History repeating. How many pointless circles have I traced? I’m forever stirred by the thrill of the chase.

One thousand strands of misery connect me to the forest around me. I want the shadows to evaporate into dust. I want to trade discovery for my disgust.

Seasons change, how will I endure this? Everything has grown so quiet here.

I tried so hard to flee my silhouette; I lost the beat of my dead heart in Dead Oak.
Caught forever in fear and in regret; I lost the beat of my dead heart.